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1. Politicization of schizophrenia

Talk given at Birkbeck College 24 April 2015. Please look at powerpoint slide show

Listen to the talk

2. 'Race' and Culture
Summary of current thinking on these concepts

3. Documentary: Whose Mind Is It Anyway
Summary of this classic cult video no longer available

4. The problem about psychiatric research

A summary of what needs to be done.

5.The nature of psychiatric diagnosis

A transcultural view of how diagnosis works in practice

6. Towards a Spiritual Western Psychology

A talk given on 20 November 2004 - associated powerpoint slide show.

7. 'Black people in White institutions'

8. Articles in 'Openmind'

If you click on Openmind you can see the articles listed with a brief sentence about each one.

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By Suman Fernanado

Mental Health in a Multi-ethnic Society: A Multi-disciplinary Handbook

(second edition)

Mental Health in a Multi-ethnic Society

Forensic Psychiatry, Race and CultureForenzic Psychiatry, Race and Culture

Cultural Diversity, Mental Health and Psychiatry: The Struggle Against Racism

Cultural diversity, mental health and psychiatry: The struggle against racism


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