- 2009 statistics -

'Coercive care'  increases for Black people

2008-09 statistics compared to earlier year (2007-08) shows:

Number of people spending time as an inpatient

Overall fell by 3.0 %     BUT

increased by 5.3% for Black and Black British groups.

The number detained ('sectioned') in hospital

Fell by 1.6% for White group

Rose by 9.7% for Black and Black British groups

Reference: Mental health minimum data set annual returns in Mental Health Bulletin (click to see) 25 November 2009





 An overview of ETHNIC STATISTICS on diagnosis of 'schizophrenia', compulsory detention, prison populations and school exclusion show striking similarities:  - THERE SEEMS TO BE A PATTERN.

To see a PowerPoint giving this overview, CLICK  HERE

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